Jager Eyes & Gristle


Digital print on satin, Mercedes parts, silk, programmed flash, water colors & window film.
Installation views  ‘Flux’, Skissernas Museum, 2019. Photography: Anders S. Solberg.

Departing from research in the journalistic imagery of Princess Diana’s car accident, as well as a document describing the execution of François Ravaillac (who committed regicide on the French king, in 1610) – Jager Eyes & Gristle circulate notions of spectacle; making reflections on the witness, while also considering the gaze itself as an active participator in dramatising narratives. Dwelling on a border of reconstruction and shrine - the installation present a staged set of symbols; objects, images and text. The text fragments on the museum walls, focuses on anticipation and audience – highlighting the  staged aspects described in the early 1600’s document. Every third minute, the programmed paparazzi flash hits with light towards the windows, of which one frame has been covered in reflective mirror film. The documented material of Princess Diana’s car  – which the work to a great extent bases itself on- has been modified and printed on the white banners. Going through the original photos, one can easily circle the car and it seems like every angle has been shot; red flags have been placed out to index something.

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